Weldy Amish School

Copyright Larry Johnston
Copyright Larry Johnston

Weldy Amish School

Nappanee, Indiana

This Amish school, located just west of Nappanee, Indiana was just a small school with a couple of rooms for teaching and learning.  The old brick school with the steeple bell that used to ring, calling the children to school and after recess in the school yard, which had lots of play equipment for the students to play on.

The school has been replaced by a newer school that could accommodate more students, but not before I was able to take pictures of the school and it’s outdoor equipment and, or course the old hand pump that supplied the water for the school.

I later painted one of the broken swing that had one swing too many.

ALL PRINTS are printed on canvas and stretched on wooden stretcher bars and prices vary according to size ordered. Most are 2:3 proportion
wrapped print- part of the image is wrapped
around the sides of the wood.
Non-wrapped print- The full image is on the face, with white or black edges
(frames and hardware are not included)

11″ x 14″Black Edge………. $148.82

11″ x 14″ White Edge………. $148.82

11″ x 14″ Wrapped Edge………. $148.82

16″ x 20″ Black Edge ………. $204.72

16″ x 20″  White Edge………. $204.72

16″ x 20″ Wrapped Edge………. $204.72

16″ x 20″ ………. $375.00 original painting on stretched canvas not available.


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