Wicker’s End

Copyright Larry Johnston
Copyright Larry Johnston

“Wicker’s End”

Pine Mountain, Georgia

I previously mentioned an old farm house in the area of Pine Mountain, Georgia that had been turned into a so called antique shop.  Most of everything was old, but not very collectible.  This chair was sitting on the back porch of that old house.  I’m sure that old wicker chair overheard a lot of interesting stories in it’s time, but as the weather and age of the chair overwhelmed its usefulness, it has come to its end.  Thus, the name “Wicker’s End”.  Other paintings that were done, because of that old store, were “The Corner Shelf“, “The Lantern” and the “Milk Can“.  This painting has always been one of my favorites.

Cassopolis Fire Department

Cassopolis Fire Department

Cassopolis, Michigan

I have painted several fire related paintings, which make up my fireman set.  In choosing a fire station, my first choice was my most familiar. I grew up in Cassopolis, Michigan until was 10 years old.  Living in an upstairs apartment less than one block from the volunteer fire department, I became familiar to the sound of the siren that alerts everyone when they are needed.  It was not much of a fancy fire station, but it was ours.  As a young boy, I was always fascinated by the water tower that sat behind the station. This painting was one of my early paintings, so you can see the difference in my artistic talents from then.

As part of the Fireman’s set, it became a big seller all over the country.  Other paintings included: The Fire Dog;   Fire Truck Miami fire station and the Fire Hose Reel.

Carter’s Hamburgers

Carter’s Coney Island

Lincoln Park, Michigan

 One of my favorite northern art festivals was located in Wyandotte, Michigan.  I always tried to have something for the locals to identify with from their area.  I couldn’t resist taking some pictures, when I saw Carter’s Coney Island at 2908 Fort Street, in Lincoln Park, Michigan, which was not too far away from the festival.

When you enter through the door of Carter’s, you step back in time 70 years and witness the two horseshoe shaped counters.  Besides an early morning breakfast and hot coffee, you hear all the local conversation from the area happenings.

The food is just like the burger joint.  They make old school burgers and fries, or you can have grilled slider, chili or hot dogs, however you like.  How about Biscuits and gravy or Ham & Bean soup, made with big chunks of ham.

The painting takes you back seventy years on the outside, so you can imagine what you will find on the inside.