Gone Fishing Puzzle

Copyright Larry Johnston
Copyright Larry Johnston

Gone Fishin’ Puzzle

“Gone Fishin’ Puzzle”, is a unique Painting, where I made one painting from another and then sold prints of both. The Tackle Box was mine, which I painted on stretched canvas and took photos of it when it was finished.  I was then able to make prints from them. 

Later, I took the same painting and painted it to look like a puzzle, removing part of the painting by painting over it to remove the pieces, repainting them individually elsewhere on the canvas.  When I finished the makeover, I took photos of it and made prints from the puzzle looking painting. Original Gone Fishing Painting.

Eventually, I sold the painting of the “Gone Fishin’ puzzle”. I was surprised to find that some of the judges were not impressed, because they thought I had glued a puzzle on a canvas, or framed a puzzle and put a price on it.

Here the links to the other lures I have painted: Paw Paw Lippy Joe, Carter’s Best Ever, Flat Fish Frog and Pikie Minnow.

Here are links to salmon flies I have painted: Blue Doctor, black and white hookblack hook and small fly.

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Gone Fishing Puzzle


ALL PRINTS are printed on canvas and stretched on wooden stretcher bars and prices vary according to size ordered. Most are 2:3 proportion
wrapped print- part of the image is wrapped
around the sides of the wood.
Non-wrapped print- The full image is on the face, with white or black edges
(frames and hardware are not included)

12″ x 16″Black Edge………. $163.14

12″ x 16″ White Edge………. $163.14

12″ x 16″ Wrapped Edge………. $163.14


  18″ x 24″Black Edge………. $237.96

18″ x 24″ White Edge………. $237.96

18″ x 24″ Wrapped Edge………. $237.96

18″ X 24″ original painting on stretched canvas not available.





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