Buckeye Store

Copyright Larry Johnston
Copyright Larry Johnston

Buckeye Confectionery

Phoenix, Arizona

Ohio is known as the Buckeye State, as most of us know.  While exhibiting at an art show in Wyandotte, Michigan, not too far from the Ohio – Michigan state line, the show draws people from Ohio and Indiana, as well as Michigan.

A couple from Ohio saw my display and was interested in having a painting done from an old black and white photograph of their great grandfather’s store, that he opened after leaving Ohio many years ago.  The store was located in Phoenix, Arizona at 2120 Buckeye Road.  I have no idea where the connection is, as far as the town of Buckeye and their great grandfather.  At the time I wasn’t familiar with the town of Buckeye, but thought it was interesting, that the street had the same name as the store, (almost).

It’s exciting to meet people and their history and then to become part of it, to be passed down through their future family.

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