Behind the House

Copyright Larry Johnston
Copyright Larry Johnston

Behind the House

Cartersville, Georgia

I worked with a lady, during the time, when I was teaching myself to paint realism.  She had taken some Art classes and had a big painting hanging in her office of an old barn.  The roof had collapsed and you could see the boards sticking out the top, where the roof had broken.  Next to it was an old brick silo.

I was impressed with the subject she had chosen, so I took my camera and scoured the countryside around northern Indiana, expecting to find old fallen down barns everywhere.  For 2 days, I drove around and only found nicely painted red barns, white barns, but very few weathered barns.  Even the houses had been kept up.

So when we moved to Georgia, there were old houses, old barns, outhouses and even old weathered farms. I took lots of pictures, so when I was asked to teach a painting class, at an art supply store, that was my first project. The first painting was of a shed that was located behind the main house on a property.

I called the painting “Behind the House”.  I learned that teaching a 4-week painting was a mistake, since the students missed weeks along the way, that they had paid for. We eventually got through it, but all my classes after that were quick 2-hour paintings, that they could finish the same day.

ALL PRINTS are printed on canvas and stretched on wooden stretcher bars and prices vary according to size ordered. Most are 2:3 proportion
wrapped print- part of the image is wrapped
around the sides of the wood.
Non-wrapped print- The full image is on the face, with white or black edges
(frames and hardware are not included)

11″ x 14″Black Edge………. $148.82

11″ x 14″ White Edge………. $148.82

11″ x 14″ Wrapped Edge………. $148.82

16″ x 20″ Black Edge ………. $204.72

16″ x 20″  White Edge………. $204.72

16″ x 20″ Wrapped Edge………. $204.72

16″ x 20″ ………. $375.00 original painting on stretched canvas not available.