Milk Silo


Copyright Larry Johnston
Copyright Larry Johnston

The Milk Silo

Woodland, IN

It was just a grain silo.  We called it the “Milk Silo” because of the advertisement painted on the side.

Just south of Mishawaka, Indiana on Hwy 131, north of Bremen, there are 2 small towns.  Wyatt, is about one block long with no traffic lights, but they do have a Post office.  Just north of that, is the town of Woodland, with a store that has been empty for years.  The only way you know it’s a town, is because of small sign that says “Wooland”.

Woodland is significant to me, because of the cement grain silo that sat in the yard of an old farm house

When first starting out exhibiting in Art Festivals, I stayed close to home, which at the time was South Bend, Indiana, next door to Mishawaka.  After I took pictures of the silo, it was just a few months, when they removed it.  Since I had already taken pictures of it, I decided to put it on canvas.

It didn’t take long before the painting sold, and many prints after that.  Even members of the family, who owned the property, bought prints of the milk silo. Another instant nostalgic memory that I was able to capture just in time!