Big Chicken

I was told by an Eastern Airlines Pilot, many years ago, that when flying into Atlanta, Georgia, when he saw the big chicken, he knew when to start his descent into Hartsfield Airport.  The Big Chicken was 68 feet high.  The eye rolled around and the tail feather on the back of its head went up and down. It was called “Johnny Rebels, Chick, Chuck and Shake.” You can just about guess what they served.

When I arrived in Marietta, in 1983, the building was occupied by Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Many years later, when the mechanisms no longer worked, they decided to tear the building down, but the community response convinced to rebuild the chicken.  The building now is just slightly shorter, but now everything has been rebuilt and updated into working order.  They even have a spiked roof, so the birds wouldn’t perch on top of it. You can see the building at the corner of Hwy 41 and Roswell Road, in Marietta, Georgia.

When I painted the picture, I had already taken photos of the original Big Chicken, so I decided to use that version to paint

A & W Drive-in

When exhibiting at Art Shows and Festivals, I tried to have a painting that the locals could identify with, so I would scan the area after the shows and take pictures of interesting places. I had been in the show in Wyandotte, Michigan for years and painted several places near there.

One of the places I painted, was the A & W Drive-in, located in Taylor, Michigan.  It was a typical design for that restaurant in the 1950’s that I remembered.  It was a 24″ x 36″ painting, on stretched canvas. With a little humor, you will notice the driver of the corvette is parked in a no parking zone and the car hop is paying more attention to him, instead of the customers.