Tilley Park

While watching movies growing up, we see places that are the ideal places to live.  Of course that’s only in the movies. The quaint little towns, with the parks, gazebos and Ferris wheels, rides and such. Well the story of the Tilley Park painting started in 1983, when I was commissioned to paint a painting of a covered bridge in Euharlee, Georgia. In order to get to the covered bridge, we had to drive through Cartersville, Georgia.

It was a very small town and had a railroad depot in the middle, with the court house on the hill and the stores were situated in a U shape, facing the depot.  We passed the square and started up the hill and there it was…Tilley Park.!

We eventually moved there and found out the history of the park.  Mr. Tilley owned all the rides and organizations rented the park for fundraisers and such. Little did I know, when I took photos of the park, they had planned on removing the rides the following day. I eventually painted two paintings from the park. The Tilley Family bought at least one of  the paintings.