Lost Mountain Store

Located west of Marietta, Georgia there is a mountain that is called “Lost Mountain”, because you can see it in the distance, but when you get there, it’s gone. There is an old general store that has been there since about 1900.  I have heard all kinds of tails about the store and its owner, but like many stories from the past, I am not sure how many are true, or how many were made up.

Some of those stories include, that he claimed to have fresh vegetables, which he grew in his own fields, but actually the truck came in late at night with deliveries, so nobody could see.  Another story was told about photographers were run off by the owner with a shotgun, or he wanted to charge them for taking photos of his store.  I was able to photograph the store without incident.

The painting that I did of the store, was quite popular in the area, as was other paintings from artists who lived nearby. When they widened the road, the store was too close to the road, so after some debate of tearing down the building, they moved it away from the road. The store now sits at the edge of a shopping center for all to see.