Wrigley Field

While showing my Nostalgic Paintings around the country, I was always asked the question, “Do you have anything from around here?”  That started me on a quest to return to all my shows every year with something new from their area.  I had exhibited at a number of shows in and around the Chicago area, so I painted four paintings from Chicagoland.

One of my yearly shows was on Wells Street in Chicago. Deciding to paint a Cubs related painting, turned in to a smash hit among the locals.  The painting depicts a young child with glove in hand, wearing the famous number 14 worn from 1953 through 1971 by “Mr Cub”, Ernie Banks. Watching a custodian sweeping up after the 4th of July baseball game, and reading the famous sign, he anxiously thinks about tomorrows baseball game.

Can he get the autograph of the National League All Star?  Will he get any sleep tonight?  Probably not!