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Marathon Gas Pump


During my years of painting and selling, I had many requests for prints. The subjects ranged from outhouses to Fancy Theatres. As I collected my subjects and painted them, I started painting them in sets of four. One of those sets included Gas Pumps. They included Texaco, Shell, Gulf, American, Sinclair and Marathon. As you can see, my sets of four grew as more requests came in.

One of those pumps I found, was in central Indiana, north of Indianapolis. Many farmers had their own pumps for the farm equipment. This one was behind the farm house, out by the barn. The old pump up gas pump, with the glass top was still in pretty good condition, however you can tell they no longer use it, since the rubber filler hose was missing. It was called a “Gravity Pump”. You pumped the gas into the glass top, for the amount you wanted and then when you were ready, you opened the valve and the gravity forced the gas through the hose into the equipment. Several of my paintings included gravity pumps.

The Marathon pump was conveniently located, right by the entrance to the fields. With Winter at hand, there was not much activity.

Los Angeles Theatre

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